We have a small farm that we named BriarValley.  The goal of our farm was to raise our children with a rural lifestyle. This  included raising animals and participation in the 4-H program.  During the 18 years of  4-H  we raised rabbits, horses, sheep and goats.
The 4-H years are past and Colleen pursued a long standing interest in selecting a breed of cat to show and raise.  Abyssinians were the breed selected after at least two years of research.  She has been showing and raising Abyssinians since 2003. 
BriarValley Kittens are registered with CFA and/or TICA and shown in TICA.
Contact us: ccbatt@comcast.net  or briarvalley.in@gmail.com
Welcome to BriarValley
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BriarValley has kittens born March 2019